Know what your blog looks like to a search engine spider

Ever wondered what your weblog might look like to a search engine spider or bot? Try this tool and see the results! The results here will be similar to how Google, MSN and Yahoo spiders will read your weblogs!

Did you know that Adsense has its own weblog?

Let me repeat the question, did you know that Adsense has its own weblog? It is hosted on blogger (naturally). Are you a serious blogger? Better bookmark the weblog of Adsense. It contains a lot of news and updates about, surprise! surprise! . . . Adsense. Their weblog contains topics about Adsense features, Google and about optimization. Who better to learn those stuffs from than of course Adsense itself!

How does Google rank that weblog of yours?

you should start that weblog
Google uses a complex system of algorithms to rank the billions of websites, weblogs included. In simple terms, Google uses a program that performs a lot of processes in order to organize all the websites and weblogs on the world wide web. Google uses over 100 criteria's to judge each weblog. Those criteria have different weights in determining your ranking, however the weights of certain criteria's can and will  change over time as Google refines it’s algorithms (processes). It is always important to remember this when your weblogs start to go down in Google’s search ranking. That is why optimizing your weblogs is not only a one time task, search engine optimization should not only be observed at the start of your weblog, it should be a continuous process.

A short summary of how Google indexes your weblogs

Google uses an automated software to go index the whole world wide web. These automated softwares are typically called a spider or crawler. Google indexes your weblogs through the use of these spiders, if you look at the image to the left, you will see a robot that looks like one of the robots you can see in a terminator movie, however a spider isn't really a physical robot, it is only a program or just a set of instructions performed by Google's web servers, A spider or crawler is sent to your weblogs and then reads and records your entire weblogs content. How often a spider crawls your weblogs depends on a lot of factors, one of which is the page rank of your weblogs, another is how often you have added content to your weblogs in the past.

Four most important terms that webloggers commonly encounter

These are the four most important terms to understand when starting a weblog

Rank, Ranking – That which represents a weblogs actual position on the free or unpaid listings sections of a search engines result page a certain search term or phrase.

Page rank – googles system for specifying a weblogs importance. Page rank can play a major role in determining a certain weblogs rank, but it is only one of those major factors.

Keywords – those words or phrases that mostly describe what your weblog is all about. I am not referring to the “keywords” META tag as those are different an are of no use anymore because Google and other major search engines have discontinued use of them.