Four most important terms that webloggers commonly encounter

These are the four most important terms to understand when starting a weblog

Rank, Ranking – That which represents a weblogs actual position on the free or unpaid listings sections of a search engines result page a certain search term or phrase.

Page rank – googles system for specifying a weblogs importance. Page rank can play a major role in determining a certain weblogs rank, but it is only one of those major factors.

Keywords – those words or phrases that mostly describe what your weblog is all about. I am not referring to the “keywords” META tag as those are different an are of no use anymore because Google and other major search engines have discontinued use of them.

Page title – the title of a weblog and is contained between the <title> </title> tag. It is located near the top most part of an HTML file and is displayed in the top bar of a browser window.
These are the most common terms or words that a weblogger hears and  these are also as the most commonly misunderstood terms when you are starting a weblog. It is very important to remember these terms and understand them better because they are most often encountered in search engine optimization. So start your weblog with a good understanding of these terms.


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