How to increase average CPC (cost per click) of your blogs advertisements

dollar-keyIn the world of weblogs, Increasing traffic to your blog is one way of making sure you earn from it. However, increasing the average CPC or cost per click of your weblogs advertisement is one way of greatly increasing your earnings. The question is, how do we do it? Most bloggers know about CPC, but a lot of us don’t know what determines your average cost per click. I have only one word for you, “keywords.” By spreading certain keywords around your blog you can have a  certain degree of control over the average CPC of your advertisements in your weblogs.

The advantage of optimizing your sites content to increase your weblog advertisements average CPC is very obvious, increase earnings! I used to have an average earning of $0.05 to $0.24 per click from my ads, but after I learned about CPC i was able to increase it to $0.40 to $1.00. Now I am sure the question which you’re dying to know the answer to is “how do i know which keywords can give me a higher average CPC?”
Well, that’s what I am going to try and discuss here. First, think of the keywords whose average CPC you want to know.
For example I will use “weblog hosting,” Once you are set, go to Google's keyword tool page or click here
Look for a particular are of the page similar to image below

start a weblog high CPC

Once you have found it enter the keyword or phrase whose average CPC you want to know and press “get keyword ideas”. Once the results are displayed you will see a similar page to this one

keywods CPC
Once the results are displayed, click on the “Choose columns to display”and choose Show Estimated Avg. CPC. After choosing it, the results below will add another column showing you the average CPC of the keywords you have entered.

CPC adsense averageCPC adsense average 
The average CPC column will appear after the “keywords” column, the currency used for the average CPC will be determined by which country you are in. But you can recalculate it to any currency by changing the desired currency in the upper left hand corner of the results and clicking the recalculate button.
Once you have known the average CPC for the keywords you searched for and you are satisfied with it. The next and last step will be to use them throughout your weblogs, and even your articles. This will ensure that the advertisements displayed by adsense on your weblogs will have the average CPC for the keywords you are optimizing for. Good luck!


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