How to set-up a visitor friendly weblog

start SEO visitor friendly weblogs As we all know a weblog is sort of like an electronic magazine. Just like in real magazines, weblogs have readers. These readers visit your weblogs, so it is obviously very important to make their visit fun and enjoyable.
Most webloggers care to much for their rankings and statistics that they forget the whole purpose of making blogs. I believe blogs are made to disseminate information about something you are passionate about, and which you want to share to whole world. I also believe that weblogs in some way can tell you a lot about its author. But enough with the sentimental stuffs, let’s discuss the main topic for today, “Visitor friendly weblogs.” Visitor friendly weblogs should have three distinct qualities to them, so before starting a weblog always remember these.

  • Easily navigable
  • Lightweight but not to plain
  • Allow easy feedback or comments
Let me start by explaining what I mean by “Easily navigable” Visitor friendly blogs should start by providing their visitors an easy way to navigate through their pages. Allowing visitors easy access to your pages will also benefit you because chances are that your visitors will be willing to explore your blog. However, please don’t try and trick your visitors into viewing your ads. Some people are smarter than that and will be offended by your attempt, therefore destroying your chances of making your visitor come back for more of your content. This is a perfect example of what I am talking about,

start weblogs the right way
This blog has a navigation tab with a label “Submit blog free” but once you go to that page, all that you will see are ads. Ads that are automatically generated by Google adsense which displays related ads to your blog. Let me clarify though that this is not cheating, It’s just gets to your nerves sometimes.

Lightweight but visually appealing” A blog should always be lightweight, because your visitors can sometimes have old computers therefore making it hard for them to access your blog. Flash content, especially those graphics exhaustive ones should be avoided. Flash files are not good for SEO anyways, so avoid using them if necessary. Also, don’t make your blog to simple. A little bit of graphics, mostly images can do wonders to your blogs appearance if used properly. Visual appeal should be taken into consideration when starting your blog, but never overdo it.

Allow easy feedback or comments” I have seen a lot of blogs that have never been commented on, and most of the reasons I assume is because they have a lot of anti-spam tests before you could make a simple comment. Not only is it a waste of time, It’s also a bit irritating. I know that we all don’t like spams. But we don’t need to have multiple securities to prevent it, especially in your blogs. A simple image verification such as captcha should suffice. You shouldn’t worry about getting spams on your blogs comment. You should worry if you don’t get even just a single spam because that’s a good indication your blog is not worth noticing.
Please always remember those three qualities of a visitor friendly blog. Start your blog the right way and you’re guaranteed success.


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Nice, tnx for this article. I'll these in mind

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like you posts, very unique!

Lisa D"Ettorre-Liguori said...

This is very helpful, thanks. I am still new to blogging and sharing ideas in this venue, so now I am off to be sure my coment section on my blog is visitor friendly!

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