Start a blog correctly using basic SEO techniques

Starting a blog is easy, you just sign up for a certain blog platform and start typing your content and you could call it a blog already, but chances are that your blog will never appear within the top 1000 results of a search engine ranking. However, there are a few simple and basic SEO techniques you should apply when starting a blog, these SEO techniques would greatly increase your chances of getting a higher rank on search engines. You should never start a blog without making use of these techniques.
I am going to discuss to you most of the basic techniques in SEO that are usually before starting your blog.

The first thing you should always remember is to choose the right keywords to build your weblog and posts on, this is the most basic SEO technique. Choosing a keyword however requires some researching and for this article we are going to use Google’s keyword tool to research about what and how to find suitable keywords or search phrase to use on your blog. click here

start a weblog SEO basics 
Google’s keyword tool can be used to research about keywords especially if you are planning to put up a new blog or make a new article. For example, your blog is about “movie reviews”

use google keyword tool to start a weblog

Enter the phrase “movie reviews” and click Get keyword ideas. Wait for the query to finish. Once it is finished it will display a similar result to the image below

results weblog start

I will explain the four most important columns, the first column is the “Keywords” column, It displays a number of keywords you could use, the keywords displayed are the ones related to your “movie reviews” term that people often search for. The second column is very important it is the “advertiser competition” column. This column shows the estimated number of advertiser which means you should stay away from keywords with full green bars. The next two columns are the number of local search volumes and the global monthly search volumes, these are simply the number of times this term is searched monthly. In analyzing the given keywords you should follow the given guideline below.
  • The keyword for your blog should have the least advertiser competition and has an adequate amount of local and global monthly searches.
The next SEO technique you must do before starting of your blog is to make sure that your domain name include the keywords you have chosen.
An example would be if you choose “critic movie reviews” as the keyword you are going to market your blog in and if you named your site and there is a competitor named, then chances are his blog or website is going to rank higher than yours in that search term.

Your pages should also contain the keywords you have chosen or at least keywords that are related to you niche.


The title tag is also very important, do not underestimate the influence it can make on the search results. Take not also that the nearer you place your keywords to the closing title tag the more effective it will become.
An example would be, “Giving the world the most awesome movie reviews by a critic.” That would be a fairly good example of putting your chosen keywords near the closing title tag. 

That conludes this article “Start a blog correctly using basic SEO techniques.” Hope you have enjoyed reading and have learned a lot. Remember, the SEO techniques mentioned here are the most basic and fundamental of all SEO techniques, they are merely guides on how chose a proper blog or website name. There are however more techniques which involves optimizing the articles on your blogs, which I will be discussing in the near future. SEO is not continous process and I admit I am prone to mistakes also, please leave comments when you find some points I discuseed that you disagree or would like to correct. I would appreciate it


Anonymous said...

Nice post, I appreciate the given information.

Lisa D"Ettorre-Liguori said...

Once again I am gaining much from your posts. I should start a to-do list based on the information you are sharing about creating effective blogs. In fact, I will start a to-do list.
1. Visitor friendly comment section
2. google key word tool
3. check this site often!
Gotta go, I have a lot to do today!

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